Are you trying to keep your team connected, focused & engaged?

We help you do that. Many teams are decentralized and are working from home for the first time. We help keep your team mentally strong, stress-free, focused and connected in this new environment. 

Welcome to The Champions Academy



"After spending years developing top talent, I realized that talent needed to be coached daily in order to get the most out of it. That is why I created The Champions Academy. Most Leaders either do not have the time to develop their talent or they just don't know where to start. Now, more than ever, managing your talent becomes even more important. The Champions Academy helps your team feel supported, engaged, connected, and most importantly gives them the tools to manage their emotional state and performance so they can stay motivated each day."

Founder, Champions Academy, New York Yankees World Champion Director of Performance



We are a team of High Performance Coaches and Champion Athletes led by Chief Performance Officer and World Series Champion, Coach Dana Cavalea. This is a team that has been trained to perform under pressure.



Each week, we provide your team members with lessons delivered directly to them, designed to improve their leadership, decision making, personal development, health & wellness. 



We develop your team. Most Leaders just do not have enough time to develop their team. WE do the heavy lifting for you, while at the same time giving you the skills you need to be a better leader to a more receptive and trained team.

Weekly Coaching & Training

Unlike traditional training programs, we use High Performance Coaching, along with a powerful teaching style, curriculum, and faculty to motivate, inspire, and connect your team. We give your team the tools they need to be successful. The tools to keep them engaged, productive, mentally strong and connected. 

Interactive Curriculum with Real Connection

Each week, we deliver high engagement, high intensity lessons to get your team excited about what is in front of them.  In addition to our digital interface, we also invite your team to "live" coaching sessions for individualized weekly coaching. During our LIVE sessions, we will coach your team on real-life situations and how to deal with and manage them. This is real coaching.

Community, Accountability & Support

So many in the workforce today feel like nobody cares about the work they do, how they feel, and what they bring to the table. Through our interactive community, we calm these feelings for your people, letting them know they are heard, accounted for, and fully responsible for their own happiness and outcomes.


If you are ready to start taking your teams development to the next level, we would love to get you started!


We know you may have questions! Below, we have the answers to our most frequent questions! Know this: If you are ready to take your team to the next level, The Champions Academy is for you!

The Champions Academy was built to help your team maximize performance. 

We help your team:

  • Adjust to a decentralized work environment (working from home)
  • Deal with and manage the stress of working from home, managing a family, and managing the goals, deadlines, and expectations of Leadership.
  • Improve productivity through tools designed to reduce distraction and improve efficiency.
  • Manage their schedule through prioritization of activities
  • Overcome stress and anxiety by using the same techniques used on high level athletes to improve concentration and focus.
  • Improve overall health and fitness of body and mind.
  • Understand the importance of being an offensive, can-do, action oriented player on the team.
  • Giving Leaders a curriculum to follow and engage in to use as a teaching and development tool to grow and develop their team and workforce.

Unlike many other consulting programs, The Champions Academy addresses real issues in a real, transparent manner. 

Your team will get weekly lessons and coaching that they can immediate apply to their work and life.

The Champions Academy was designed specifically for team leaders and managers that are looking to maximizing the abilities of their team members.

This is a Coach driven Academy, meaning, your team is not going through on their own. 

Each week, your team will get a training curriculum dripped out to them.

The weekly lessons include (1) 5-15 minute video lesson and will be accompanied by a Coaching Worksheet that will challenge team members through questions and written exercise that is in line with the weekly video.

In addition, every Monday, Coach will start the week of with a Weekly Champions Huddle- designed to motivate, empower, and encourage your team for a great week of productivity and results.

Finally, weekly, Coach and his Team will teach an interactive 30-60 Minute ZOOM Webinar with a LIVE Q & A each week!

Everybody is busy today.

So, our program is built on a 15-20 minute weekly commitment to The Champions Academy. 

The core lessons are short, bite size, and easy to apply.

These Champion lessons are not theory based but 100% practical.

The Champions Academy has 52 weeks of curriculum. In addition, the Academy includes micro lessons & weekly workshops that are uploaded monthly to keep your team learning and developing on specific topics.

Topics Include:

  • Managing Relationships (Personal and Professional)
  • Improving Your Health & Fitness
  • Strategies to Reduce Stress
  • Overcoming Negative Thinking
  • Developing Champion Habits & Mastering Habit Change
  • Dealing With Confrontation 

Consistency, habit, and routine yield the greatest results.

With that said, The Champions Academy is built on this principle.

1% Better Each Week.

The Champions Academy can be gone through one of three ways:

1. Driven/ Led by Management

2. Driven/ Led by the Team

3. Self-Driven/ Led

The Champions Academy when led by Management will provide for open discussions and dialogue to built culture but most importantly to bring the team closer together as a result of open conversation.

Remember though, each Monday and one other day per week, Coach will lead a LIVE Webinar with Q & A. 

When your team goes through The Champions Academy, the results you can expect are:

1. Greater levels of optimism and "can-do" mentality as it relates to getting things done

2. Improved enthusiasm for the mission, vision, and goal of the Company.

3. Personal clarity and self-empowerment.

4. Increased confidence and mentality of playing offense.

5. Self-driven yet Team focused approach to helping the Organization win.

The Champions Academy was designed to service Companies both big and small. We have some Companies that are just 25 teammates in size. Others, have over 2500 teammates. 

The Champions Academy was designed to improve the overall leadership skills of workforces while at the same time improving overall connectivity of members through our community. 


If you are ready to start taking your teams development to the next level, we would love to get you started!


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